Product test: Pretinho Outlast Tire Glaze - withstands 100 washes?

The little black gives the best tire shine, which reinforces the appearance of a brand new car. Too bad the liquid licks your hands and, worse, it rarely lasts longer than a wash.

But there is a product that promises to eliminate all these problems: the Outlast Tire Glaze, by Armor All, developed to withstand more than 100 washes.

Imported from the USA, it is sold in a 226 gram aerosol can, which right away has the advantage of making an application without using a brush or sponge. To test it, we selected two cars, a Honda Fit 2010 and a Honda Civic 1996.

With instructions only in English (but well illustrated), the packaging explains that the little black must be sprayed on the dry and clean tire, in a ventilated area, under the shade and away from the wind.

But the process is not that simple: you must cover the painted parts of the vehicle with newspaper or other paper, as well as the wheels, so that they do not stain.

Then, position the can slightly tilt at a distance of 10 cm and pass the spray with uniform movements until it covers the entire side of the tire. If it still spills on the bodywork, clean it immediately.

For the test, only half of the tire received the product, to compare the difference with and without the little black. Finally, it is necessary to wait 30 to 45 minutes before riding the car.

For just over three months, we started washing the Civic tires with a hose jet every day, until we completed 101 washes. In the end, the result was impressive.

Despite having lost some of the shiny air from the start, half of the tire still kept shining when compared to the untreated part.

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